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Temporary Closing

We are sorry to say that we are going to close for a few days this week to let the green berries ripen. We will be closed from Monday thur Thurs, May the 19th thru May the 21, we are sorry for any inconvience that this may cause our customers. Thank you, Patty

Getting ready for a New Year and a New Season!

We had a short bout of cold weather this fall and lots of rain and 80 degree days that led up to our plants starting to open their buds early, so we had to start waking them up last week. This is at least 2 weeks earlier than normal. We will see what Mother Nature […]

Having Fun at Patty’s Patch

Having fun at Patty’s Patch with Mom and Grandma!

Time to U-Pick Saturday

We will be open this coming Saturday the 14th of April at 9am. Our hours will be 9am to 6pm 7 days a week until further notice. Our prices are as follows: $5.00 per pound u-pick and $6.00 per pound for we pick. Grab your sunscreen, hat and tennis shoes and have a fun day […]

Thanks to our customers

We want to thank our past customers and invite you to look over our new website and let us know how we are doing. We will try to keep you up to date on the progress of our plants and let you know when we will be open. We should have a great year our […]

Berries Blooming!

The berries are really blooming!  There is a white haze across the patch and a buzzing in the air along with a beautiful light aroma from the flowers!  I wish I could bottle the smell and share it with everyone!  It is lovely!  Let’s hope there are no bad freezes in the near future.

Freeze Protection

Now that we have awakened our plants we are going to have to start watching the weather very closely a freeze could damage our crop.  The flowers are supposed to be okay down to 26 degrees but small fruit can be damaged, we will have some long nights for the next few months!  Wish us […]


We have started waking up our berries, we have been watering and fertilizing them to get them going.  We should start to have buds breaking and flowers coming out soon.  We are excited about our upcoming season, it’s going to be great!  We are planting another acre in March, things are looking good!